Our enhanced tools monitor a wide variety of infrastructure devices, servers, and applications/services along with the underlying networks.

Currently we monitor:
  • Server health for Linux/UNIX and Microsoft® operating systems
    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory Utilization
    • Storage Utilization
    • Overall and Specific Process/Service Monitoring
  • Database/Application health
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • SQLServer
    • Exchange
  • Web/Cloud Services
  • SNMP Enabled Devices
  • Network Resources
  • Network Latency
  • Change Detection

We support a wide variety of alerting options, based upon your specific needs:

  • EMail/SMTP
  • TextMessage/SMS
  • Pager/SNPP
  • Twitter
  • Voice/AVR *
  • SNMP traps to your ESM
  • Other methods, special APIs +

+ Unlike other companies, we don't charge for reasonable special needs that we believe will have wider use or benefit our other/future customers.

* Under Integration Testing

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